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Who We Are

‘R’ Voices is a warm, inclusive contemporary choir for adults.

Everyone is welcome! There are no auditions, no uniform and no choreography, it is just a bunch of ‘Everyday people’ who love to sing!

Whether you want to be a Rockstar and play to thousands of people or wish to extend your audience no further than your bathroom walls, being a member of ‘R’ Voices offers a wonderful supportive community that creates and shares beautiful moments together.

How it Works

This is not church. This is not going back to school. We sing Soul, Rock, Pop, Folk, Disco and more, by artists from Beyonce to Beatles and Nina Simone to Nirvana. All the arrangements are learnt by ear and lyric sheets with no musical experience necessary. We hold weekly rehearsals and charge termly over blocks of ten weeks. There is no agenda, people can join throughout the term, and occasionally we do live performances, although they are not compulsory.

How it Started

Richard Forbes is a musician, composer and vocal coach who started ‘R’ Voices in 2016. After having children, he was encouraged by his wife Keeley to do something creative and inclusive in his local area. His initial, reluctant response quickly changed after the first session, where 20 strangers came together and sang ‘Live Forever’ by Oasis for an hour and a half in a café.


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